I really can’t be on this blog for too long, it reminds me just how lonely I am.

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     My dash is a bit dead.. I think i’m going to log out for now. I don’t know when i’ll be back xo

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Message in a Bottle

"At 8pm I was standing in the hallway with my back to the unlocked door.

I was utterly naked, save a blindfold, earplugs and a pair of velcro handcuffs that bound my hands, which I rested on my head.

Now unable to see, I felt thrillingly vulnerable. Lurid fantasies began to spring into my empty mind. What if someone was delivering catalogues and the door swung open? They could be silently staring at me right now! I widened my stance, allowing my invisible audience a better view; then shocked myself at the thought of being discovered by one of the neighbours. How would I ever explain that?

Suddenly, warm breath prickled the back of my neck…”

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youwantsexiknowit said: Oh my god, your Tumblr is so Amazing and Beautiful. I love it!
I replied:

    I’m not sure how old is this, but thank you so very much! :) x

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part-timehippie said: Did you guys change who was contributing to this blog or are you 3 still the ones from two years ago?
I replied:

      No, it’s only me now — Tee. Though I don’t come on as much as I used to for a few different reasons.. I miss this blog considerably though :(

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